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Off-road Romania Guidebook

  What is Off-road Romania guidebook? It is the first national guidebook of Romania with routes on off-road tracks and secondary roads.     Did we convince you already? Pre-order the guidebook now or get one of the adventure packs from here: Pre-order Form   Not sure yet? Read the whole story below. The guidebook […]

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6983 kilometers…

… done on the bike this summer. It’s not that much for a motorcyclist but there’s a catch: this is the distance that we travelled to map the tracks of the next guidebook, OffRoad Romania. This is only the distance that I did because the other team members have also mapped a part of the […]

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Offroad Romania

A lot of Romanian riders have travelled recently to faraway countries on their bikes. I counted at least 15 riders (that I know of) how have been this year at least in Moroco or Mongolia. No doubt, I envy them! Still, a thought is rolling in my mind: I want to discover my country before […]

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I met Austin Vince!

Austin Vince I didn’t just saw him on a stage, I have talked to him, we laughed at stupid jokes, we made plans for offroading in Romania and we drank in the honor of traveling around the world and for the people you meet. If you don’t know how is Austin, I will give you […]

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