A lot of Romanian riders have travelled recently to faraway countries on their bikes. I counted at least 15 riders (that I know of) how have been this year at least in Moroco or Mongolia.

No doubt, I envy them! Still, a thought is rolling in my mind: I want to discover my country before I go further.

And if I am doing this, I want to make it big. I want to share the places I discover and to show travellers that the adventure of their life can take place in Romania. This was all I needed to decide on publishing another guidebook, this time with offroad routes al over Romania. The name was easy to chose: Offroad Romania

Happily the project that I have invested so much time and energy (Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide) is perfect for my plan. What shape the result will have? Definitely it will be a printed guidebook and probably an mobile app. Nothing new here.
But the next goal is even bigger: I want it to be available in 5 languages.

This year I travelled as much as I could. Any free day was spend on a route. We already shared some of the photos on social media.

This time the riders team is made up by four members: Diana, Felix, Marian and me.
These are pictures that we already took:


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